Ghost Recon Wildlands ATI Issues Fix

Some tom clancy's ghost recon wildlands players using ATI specially Radeon video cards faces game crash issues while playing the video game.  This issue can cause mainly by not-updated graphic cards drivers. But in this case some things need to fixed from game settings as well in order to make it work.

Ghost Recon Wildlands ATI Radeon Fix:

1. Go to display settings->advanced->direct 3d.
2. Check everything except alternate pixel center, 16;24;32;,
* use error diffusion dithering openGL.
* do not convert 32 bit to 16.
* enable page flipping.
* enable KTX buffer.
* enable texture compression.
* full scene anti-aliasing DISABLED ( this seems to be the problem) anisotropic texture filtering Disabled.
* level of detail sharp with these settings users haven’t crashed yet while running 800x600 full detail & highest textures.
* EAX is on and all sound & video hardware acceleration full on.

ghost recon wildlands ATI Radeon

Let us know in comments if you are facing any other issues with tom clancy's ghost recon wildlands.

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